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Our regular parties on the last Saturday of every month at Powerhouse from 6-9pm are temporarily cancelled due to Covid-19.

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ONYX Northwest has teamed up with Folsom Street Fair to bring you “Black, Brown and Kinky”. A virtual special event with 6 hours of BIPOC history, scenes, music and more.

Join us on Zoom (link posted day of)
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12:00pm: Find Your Way Back | History of BIPOC in Leather by Vi Johnson
⏳ | The Leather and BDSM scene have been an important asset for LGBTQ+ communities of color to explore kink, free from the social and cultural prejudices. Take a history class on BIPOC participation with Mamma Vi’s “History of BIPOC in Leather” from DETENTION, ONYX Northwest’s education series.

12:45pm: On Your Knees with Master Eli
Hosted: Graylin Thornton
🔥 | From Mama Vi’s classroom to Master Eli’s play room. Join Master Eli, ONYX Mid-Atlantic, and his boys from House of Ra as they share a variety of scenes. This segment will be lit, LITERALLY!

1:45pm : Libations and Liberation with UNRULY
Hosted by: Jay BLUPRNT
💅🏿 | The founders of UNRULY discuss the importance of building the table themselves versus asking for a seat. And like good Professional Gay Aunties, they answers a questions from listener letters. If your gender is other than male and your race is other than white… step to the front of the line, PERIODT.

2:15pm: North by Northwest
Hosted by: Jordan ONYX
❄️ | San Francisco only ‘pierces’ the surface, ONYX Northwest covers Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Northern Nevada. We take a moment to showcase our Kings of the North. Corso ONYX takes center stage to bring us a needle play scene accompanied with music by Cherub ONYX. Winter is coming, from Seattle.

3:00pm : Macho Macho
Hosted by: Manny ONYX
🤡 | Sí se puede! The highly regarded LatinX party ‘Macho Macho’ comes out of quarantine for the ONYX x Folsom Street special. Hosted by Mr. SF Eagle Leather himself, Manny Ojeda, shooting live from SF Eagle, and with special guests PAYASOS from San Diego, clowning around for our kinky pleasure. No te lo pierdas!

4:15pm : ONYX Northwest Revue
👯‍♀️ | ONYX Northwest goes on record to show how they stay kinky. With open submissions from ONYX and a host of community friends, join us in celebrating the beauty of Leather, Kink and Folsom Street Fair.

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